Meet My Pets #1

Meet My Pets!

When I originally sat down to start writing posts for the "Meet My Pets" section of my website, I thought 'oh this will be simple and fun'. Boy was I wrong. As I sat here looking through hundreds of photos I have taken over the years I realized that it was impossible for me to share the true nature and life of my fur babies in just one single blog post about each one. I quickly realized that their story was a part of my story and my story is far from over.

I have decided I will have to write many posts just about them. Starting with how they came to live with me and how they have changed my life. In doing so I will have to share good times, funny times and even some sad times. I will even have to share those whom I have lost along the way. But all those different moments have made my fur family what they are today.

To start I will do a small (or large lol) post here about who lives here and their ages. Then we will get into their individual stories.

Let's start with Jazzy. Jazzy is about 14 years old and was originally my ex's cat. She is a long haired black and white tuxedo cat and though she is the oldest in the family, she sure doesn't lack for energy. She has a low tolerance for anyone getting in her face, and is not long letting new animals know she is the Queen of this house.

Next is Boots. I have shown him in a past video as well. (Photos to come a little later) He was the newer rescue. We are not too sure where he came from but he was one in a million. He was a black short haired cat with a white diamond on his chest and 2 white toes. I think he was a little over a year old. He was generally a good cat, however, he has his faults. Such as getting on counters and trying to steal your food. He always had time for a cuddle and loved to just sit or lay down with you. I had hoped I would have many good year with him, but sadly he is no longer with me, he was hit by a car last summer.

Now on to Molly. Molly was my 7.5 year old ferret. I had had her since she was just 8 weeks old. And since the day I saw her I knew she was my little girl. She was a happy go lucky critter with energy to spare. She could always make you giggle. She used to have a cage mate named Hobbs, but sadly he passed away from a stroke. (he was about 8 years old when he passed.) But even after losing her mate, Molly was still as vibrant as ever. Sadly she passed away last year from a stroke.

That about covers the animals that live in my home.

I hope this will tide you over until I can sort out my photos and get down to business so to speak on my family 🙂

I hope you are all having a wonderful week and I look forward to talking to you all again soon 🙂


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